Custom Homes and Collection Homes

Horizon Construction Services is a locally owned and operated business that started business in 2010.  Joe Perdew the founder of Horizon Construction Services has over 24 years experience in the construction industry building custom homes, production homes, condominium developments, remodeling, infill pocket neighborhoods, land developments, shops and barns.  HCS is proud of having many highly satisfied customers.  

Our mission is quality over quantity, take the best care of our clients, build very energy efficient homes and to build the best quality home within the price range of our client.  By doing so, we have homes that will look better longer, wear better over time and save our clients on their energy bills every year.

We take pride in keeping up to date with the latest technologies in construction, which allows us to provide our clients with the latest products in energy efficient home design, design trends and architectural elements. By doing so, we have provided our clients with higher energy efficient homes that have reduced their energy bills considerably.  On our custom homes we can build your home to be net zero, meaning you will typically have zero energy bills.  This doesn't mean living off the grid, you will still be connected to power from the grid and typically be connected to natural gas or propane for other needs, it all depends on how we design your systems to fit your needs.

We enjoy working with our clients to figure out what style of homes that they like and design the home of their dreams with our local architect. Horizon Construction Services takes pride in providing top notch customer service, high quality craftsmanship, using quality of products throughout our homes and designing highly energy efficient homes.   We have designed and built creeks, water falls and ponds to add to the exterior elements of our clients properties and even gone as far a building a vineyard for one of our clients.  

Remodeling and Additions

With over 24 years of experience in the building industry we have completed many remodel and addition projects.  We enjoy working with our clients and figuring out which direction they want go with in redesigning their home.  Once we have figured out the design pallet, we can move forward with transforming your home into a home that you will love to live in for years to come.

Epoxy Flooring

Horizon Construction Services uses the highest quality epoxy products that are developed for industrial applications. The epoxy products we use are engineered to withstand impacts from materials being accidentally dropped, abrasion from traffic, and chemical resistance from automobiles. We have total confidence that the epoxy products we use, will also hold up to residential and commercial applications.

Application uses on concrete surfaces include: Garages, shops, patio and pool decks, basements floors and residential slab on grade floors. 

Horizon Construction Services has the team to design a floor to fit your needs and style.

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The benefits of epoxy coating your concrete

Have you been wondering why your standard grey concrete floor is plain and just doesn't clean up well, especially after a long, wet and snowy winter?  All that road grime that is dripping off of your wet & snow-covered car is slowly absorbing into your bare concrete floor which makes it harder to clean up year after year. Standard  unsealed concrete floors are very porous and everything that drips or lands on the bare concrete is slowly being absorbed into the floor and getting ground in by your car tires and foot traffic.

The solution is choosing one of our epoxy flooring systems from Horizon Construction Services. We will assess what steps we need to take to properly clean and prepare your concrete, which will help create a thorough bond of the epoxy to your concrete floor. Preparation is key to having our high quality epoxy last a very long time. Once you have your floor epoxied in the color(s) and style of your choice, you will enjoy having such an incredibly attractive floor, one that cleans up much easier than plain concrete. The benefits of having such an attractive, long lasting and durable floor is not only the ease of clean up but everyone that sees your floor will be envious that they don't have an epoxy floor at their house. We have all seen it before, a garage or shop that has an epoxy floor, textured and painted walls and ceilings, and cabinets just looks incredible. A fully finished garage or shop is an extension of your home and makes your home feel larger and more livable.